Mafia 3 is one of the most-awaited games since the release of its last installment, Mafia 2, which was released in 2010. The developers had announced in 2015 that they were working on Mafia 3 and that it would be released soon. This is the third installment of the Mafia series, and it is being developed by new developers Hanger 13 along with 2K Games who have already made their debut. 2015 has ended, and we are almost nearing the end of January 2016, but there is no word yet about the release date of the third game.

mafia 3 bug free game

As suggested by several reports, Mafia 3 will get a new protagonist called Lincoln Clay, who is a Vietnam war veteran on his journey to kill the local mobs avenging the death of his friends. The new game will offer different approaches to the players for completing objectives and missions. You can remain stealthy and avoid the attention of the enemies, or you can be aggressive and open attack on them.

Unveiled at Gamescon 2015, not too much information is out yet about Mafia 3. The game has been confirmed to get a release in 2016, but a specific date or time-frame hasn’t been provided yet. One explanation to why no official release date has been announced can be that Hanger 13 wants to make sure that the game is as good and stable as it can be when it comes out. After all, a buggy game would kill the excitement, wouldn’t it?

According to the previous rumors, Mafia 3 might be released in April. However, 2K Games rejected that rumor saying that they are still working on the game. However, given the recent developments and rumors, April seems to be a good release time for the game. If not April, then the game will get a release in at least a couple of months after that, and not later.

So Mafia 3 will be released around April, though we do hope that the developers don’t hurry and make the game as awesome as they can.


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