Don’t panic if your Roku remote is not working. There are many users like you who are facing the similar problems. In this tutorial, we will help you fix your Roku remote, doesn’t matter what the reason is. Let’s start with a brief introduction.


What is Roku Streaming Stick

Roku is a digital media player set-top box device, which can be connected to any display device to stream media. Not only that, there is now Roku TV as well, which don’t need a separate set-top box to stream media. Basically, Roku streams media via your Wi-Fi or wired internet connection. The first Roku streaming player was released in 2008, which only streamed Netflix. After that, Roku’s further versions started supporting many other services including Amazon, BBC iPlayer, DirectTV now, Google Play Movies and TV, CBS All Access, HBO GO, NatGeo TV, Netflix, Pandora Radio, PlayStation Vue, PBS, Sling TV, TuneIn Radio, Time Warner Cable, WWE Network, and YouTube.

When there are millions of subscribers using Roku devices to watch their favorite TV Shows and movies, any problem is never ignored. Just like every other device, Roku also faces some issues from time to time. One of the most common problem is that Roku remote stops working. There could be many reasons which could be causing this issue. Check out the basic solutions below if your Roku remote is not working.

roku remote not working

How to Fix Roku Remote

Roku devices and their remotes work very well for a long time, and you will face no issue. But someday, out of nowhere, the Roku remote will stop working. Many users just go on to buy a new one, as there aren’t many guides available to solve Roku TV remote issues. Before going on to buy a new remote, let’s try to fix this issue using some simple methods.

Adjust Roku Remote Batteries

Most of the issues with any remote start with battery problems. Many times it’s just the batteries that need reseating. Normally, batteries sometimes shift from their regular places. Just take them out and put them back inside. If the problem was with batteries placement, your Roku TV remote should start working.

Replace Batteries on Roku Stick Remote

If reseating the batteries hasn’t fixed the issue, then you should replace the batteries. They are probably out of juice and need to be replaced. Buy new ones and insert them into the remote. Now check if your Roku stick remote is working fine again.

Remove Obstructions

This usually happens with the standard IR remote. When there is some obstruction between the Roku Device and the Roku remote, it will not work. If this is the case, then change your seat or remove the obstruction.

Check IR (Infrared) Roku Remotes

Any remote can stop working if it gets damaged. To check if your Roku stick remote is damaged, you can use your smartphone’s camera. Smartphone cameras can detect infrared rays, and human eyes cannot. It works with all IR remotes. Take your phone and turn on the camera. Now, hold the Roku remote in front of the phone’s camera and press any button on it. You should see flashing light in front of the remote on your mobile’s screen. If you cannot, then you Roku streaming stick remote is not working due to internal damage, and needs to be replaced.

For Enhanced “point anywhere” Roku Remotes

If your Roku device came with an Enhanced “point anywhere” remote, then you can try this method. These remotes connect with the device using a wireless network and there is no need to point them towards the device to work. To check if your remote is indeed this type of remote, open the back panel and check if there’s a Pairing button below the battery slot. If the button is there, then have the enhanced Roku TV remote. Use these methods to solve issues with it.

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1. Restart Roku Stick Remote

The easiest way to fix an enhanced Roku streaming remote is by restarting it. Turn off the Roku device and Roku remote, and turn them both back on after 60 seconds.

2. Re-pair the Remote

As this remote works on a wireless network, sometimes the problem can be solved by re-pairing it. You can do this by following these steps:

  1. Open the battery panel and remove the batteries.
  2. Unplug the Roku device. Plug it back again and turn it on after 60 seconds.
  3. When the home screen comes on, reinsert the batteries into the remote.
  4. Now, press and hold the pairing button on the remote. You can find this button under the battery panel. Press and hold this button for 3 seconds, and you will see the pairing light flashing on the remote.
  5. The pairing process will take 30 seconds and the connection will be established. A confirmation will appear on the screen.

These methods work whether your Roku 3 or Roku 4 remote is not working, or Roku streaming stick Remote is not working. Doesn’t matter which Roku device you are using, these methods work on all of them.

If you have tried all the solutions as mentioned above, but still Roku Remote is not working, then it is probably broken. You will have to replace your remote with a new one. Amazon sells and ships Roku remotes online, you can buy it from there or a local store.


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