The October Rodeo Stampede “Outback” update comes as a pleasant surprise since Yodo1’s Rodeo Stampede hadn’t got an update for many days. Rodeo Stampede is one of the best endless-runner-type games of 2016. The latest update brings to the game a new environment. The Outback update brings with it five hazards to avoid, dropbears to worry about and the best of all – a whopping 49 new animals to ride and collect! To the list of Jungle, Savannah and Mountains is the addition of Australian Outback. The uniquely designed terrain houses 49 new and hidden animals. 21 new hats are also part of the new update.

The 49 new animals are deadly but cute. Once of the new animals is the Dropbear, that waits in trees to ambush you. But if you manage to jump on him first, you get to ride him just like you ride other animals. The update also includes a new environmental danger – fire! If you catch on fire, you will have to wait a few moments to save yourself from getting roasted by immediately jumping into the water.

New Secret And Hidden Mission Animals

Usually, the game includes six or seven varieties for an animal species. With 49 new animals in the October Outback update, it’s highly likely that there are altogether about seven new species of animals to capture. Each of these seven new species comes with seven variations – taking the total to 49. Some of the new species that have been spotted are Dropbear, Wombat, Sheep, and Kangaroo.

Dropbear – Unlocked Variants

The unlocked variant list of dropbear includes – Drop Bear, Drop Bear Dundee, Gladiator Drop Bear, Boss Drop Bear (name unknown) and Secret Drop Bear (name unknown).

Dropbear (left) and Wombat (right)
Dropbear (left) and Wombat (right)

Wombat – Unlocked Variants

The basic wombat variant runs along quietly until it bursts out with energy, accelerating it rapidly. This is one of the variants. The other expected variants are the Boss Wombat (name unknown) and Secret Wombat (name unknown), in addition to 4 other variants.

Sheep – Unlocked Variants

The list of unlocked variants of the new Sheep species includes – Merino Sheep, Candylamb, Sheep in Wolf’s clothing and of course the Boss Sheep and Secret Sheep.

Sheep (left) and Kangaroo (right)
Sheep (left) and Kangaroo (right)

Kangaroo – Unlocked Variants

Red Kangaroo is one of the variants of the new Kangaroo Species. Boss Kangaroo and Secret Kangaroo variants are the other usual ones.

If you happen to unlock other variants of the new species, please post them in the comments section below.