We think Rocksteady are making a superman game because they haven’t said what they are doing now. We know they are doing something. And they once said one of the things they would like to do is a superman game. And they don’t have time to help Montreal with suicide squad which is why it failed. Plus Montreal is only good at doing a batman game.

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There is an equally likely chance that Rocksteady could be working on a new Batman game or Superman game

Maybe they are giving it another try with batman which to us is nonsense. Because people don’t want to play another batman game unless it’s Bruce Wayne. Most of us still like the old school version. We don’t think anybody can live up to be the real batman but Bruce Wayne himself. Plus what if a justice league game is soon to happen? How would Bruce come back unless they do a past time line where a story already happened.

Or maybe Damien Wayne can fail at trying to be batman and Bruce has to take him out because he’s gone rogue and nuts? That would be great for Bruce to return in this new batman game. First, you play as the son and then the father. That would be awesome. Like in the story you live long enough to see yourself become the villain. We need more people like rocksteady. Don’t get us wrong, Montreal is good but they’re game failed.

Source: Reddit


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