A fantastic new Red Dead Redemption surprise is about to be delivered to GTA 5 fans. Rockstar is planning on releasing more GTA 5 online content and that will definitely be a fantastic news for the hardcore players and mod lovers.

After the new content arrives, some fans might forget about the Red Dead Redemption 2, as the fans are bringing the original Red Dead Redemption to GTA 5 Online. This will indeed offer way more data than previously planned for the game.

Red Dead Redemption is the latest GTA 5 Single-player mod that will be coming to PC version only. Reportedly, full Red Dead Redemption map is coming to GTA 5. This new Red Dead Redemption map will offer more new content than ever before. The new content is expected to include loads of new graphical updates, improvements, fixes, etc. as the developers will take the full advantages of the new shaders.

The new Red Dead Redemption mod for GTA 5 Online is expected to land in the mid summer season. However, this will be the Beta version only with a download size of about 2GB only.

A Trailer of the new mod is expected to release soon after the full map is ready.

 GTA 5 Online Update

New GTA 5 Online update launched this week. This update included a new vehicle, a number of other additional items, and the content creator’s tool to the game.

After the update, the new Hijak Ruston is now available in the game for only $430,000 on PS4, PC, and Xbox One consoles. According to a Rockstar statement about this new car-

“Hijak Ruston is a lightweight and pint-sized packet of fury. It might not win any safety awards, but the Ruston’s low profile gets you as close to the tarmac as you’re ever going to want to be, so nestle in and brace yourself for some tight turns and even tighter clenches.

A unique and elegant addition to the Sports class, the Hijak Ruston is now available in GTA Online at Legendary Motorsport. The new Ruston did not come with a new Adversary Mode, instead of being paired with new Creator Content that expands stunt races features.

Stunt Races recently received a big addition with the Special Vehicle Circuit update and we’re expanding the toolbox for the Rockstar community to take things up a few notches.

In addition to the Rocket Voltic, Ruiner 2000 and Blazer Aqua becoming available in the Stunt Race Creator, we’re adding a collection of new Props designed to highlight these vehicles’ unique abilities, including Hurdles, Boost Refills and Explosive Crates.

New psychedelic Stunt Tubes will send racers on a trip through alternate dimensions, while destructible walls will leave some serious carnage in your wake as you power your way to victory.”

So based on what Rockstar described of new Hijak Ruston, this vehicle sure is a wonderful addition to the game. It’s a complete racing package for all those who love the low profile and easy to maintain vehicles.

GTA 5 Online new Bonuses and Discounts.

All the GTA 5 Online players are able to pick up the latest bonus packs and discounts on various in-game items until March 29. Rockstar recently revealed this info for all the hardcore GTA 5 Online players.

According to latest reports, Rockstar has extended Double GTA$ and PR bonuses on all the original Rockstar Vehicle Races from the Cunning Stunts to Special Vehicle Circuits.

Rockstar also verifies that all the Stunt races from now on will receive Double GTA$ and PS bump this week. This will include Balck and Yellow, Gordo, Rocket Kars, Love Canyon, and Meuy’s Grand Line.

All the following items will also have discounts as well.

  • Garage Properties
  • Declasse Drift Tampa (Sports Class)
  • Dinka Jester (Sports Class)
  • MTL Dune (Service Class)
  • Ocelot Lynx (Sports Class)
  • Throwables and Explosives

So, what exactly all the GTA5-Online fans are getting in coming weeks, Rockstar have some hints about that as well.

A unique mix-up of new vehicles, new Adversary Modes, and the Creator Content is set to launch. This will all land before the GTA 5 Online summer DLC release.

Here, Rockstar is following its typical update release pattern. They have always flashed between the major updates with a new car release paired with Adversary mode every week. So they’ll most probably be following the same pattern for this update.

It is now possible that after the release of Hijak-Ruston, players might see new Infernus and Turismo cars very soon. A Resurrection Dodge-ball type game might also be launching with one of these cars.

There is a lot that came, and there is a lot yet to come after the new releases hits markets. So there is actually a whole new era of GTA gaming that’s about to start. Let’s hope it keeps the standards high and entertains the players as it has always done.

Source: ExpressOnline


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