Rocket League is ready to be played in a cross-multiplayer mode, i.e. for Xbox One owners to face off against PlayStation 4 owners, according to developer Psyonix. According to the studio’s Vice President Jeremy Dunham, cross-platform play could go online within hours – if Sony were to give the go-ahead on this. It would take a few hours to propagate throughout the world, essentially allowing the feature to be fully enabled within one working day.

Rocket League

According to Digital Trends, this would be the first time Xbox owners would be able to square off against PlayStation owners in an online competitive game, if the feature is enabled. Microsoft has already given the go-ahead on their part, which puts the metaphorical ball in Sony’s court.

But is Sony revving its rocket-powered car to reciprocate? It’s impossible to tell. Sony has been known to be in-tune with fan demands, however, and during its E3 conferences, often makes nods towards fan communities. It’s possible that unless there are technicalities getting in the way, Sony would be amenable. Psyonix, at least, is very optimistic: “…we’re still very confident that they’re eventually going to open those doors and welcome us in, but we also are really understanding that it’s going to take a while…”.

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