Rocket League, the biggest sleeper hit of 2015, is now more popular than ever. Millions of sales, a huge player base, extremely friendly community and general awesomeness of the game made it one of the biggest multiplayer titles of today. The game even has its own e-sports competition, Rocket League Championship Series.

During the first couple of months, it was extremely easy to score goals, play well and be good at the game. But now, when more and more people play it, it is hard to be good, especially for newbies. This short guide will show you some basic tips that should help you when battling for goals on grass courts of tomorrow.

Rocket League

Finish the tutorials

Although the first couple of tutorials are pretty basic, later on, they will teach you the basics of flying, the most important skill to have if want to be good at the game. How to kick the ball midair, who to control flight, and how to calculate ball’s position are all things that every striving Rocket League Player should know.

Play with the camera settings

We all play the game on different setups. Someone will play on their PC which has a 21-inch monitor; another person will kick the ball on their PS4 coupled with a huge flat screen. So it’s important to adjust camera settings in order to gain most of the game. Pay close attention to FOV (Field of view), camera distance, and camera angle sliders. Don’t be afraid to experiment until discovering settings that suit you the most. This will improve your precision, greatly lowering the percentage of those dumb misses that you never thought might occur (you know what I’m talking about).

Play the season before venturing into multiplayer

This way you’ll be familiar with gameplay before starting with your multiplayer career, instead being the person to laugh at during every match. I skipped playing the season and had to play the game for more than two weeks before gaining some skill.

Develop those goalie skills

Yeah, no one likes to play defense, but this is the most important part of every match. Teams that have dedicated goalies usually have their net empty (or less full) than teams where all players rush into attack. Rocket League is a fast paced game where counter attacks occur frequently, and getting a goal that could’ve been easily saved is very frustrating.

Practice makes it perfect

Before starting with the game session do some training, this will make you more precise and focused right from the start, much better than to basically warm up during the first couple of matches.

Ok, this is all. It’s not much, but if you’re a newbie this will help a lot, especially if wanting to be good, to score aerial goals and be good at defense. Do you have some tips for Rocket League newbies? If you do, don’t be afraid to write them in the comment section bellow. We wish you many goals and even more saves, because a denial of the ball that’s already seen in the net is much more fulfilling than scoring, especially when opponents start posting $#@%! in the chat.


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