Robinson: The Journey represents the first major post-launch PlayStation VR release, but how does it look running on the PS4 Pro? 20 or so minutes of gameplay from Crytek’s dino title on Sony’s supercharged console were shown, and while the gameplay isn’t exactly riveting, at least it looks the part.

robinson: the journey
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How well does Robinson: The Journey play on the PS4 Pro with PSVR?

This game looks like it would be perfect for a Navigation Controller + Move Controller combo. However, there are movement options in the game. The “yanky” movement is one of the options to avoid motion sickness. You can choose to move smoothly but at your own risk. This game is well expensive, it’s not just a four hour Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture-type experience. At around $50 it also faces the burden of providing a lot in terms of content.

The move controllers don’t have an analog stick unless they use the NAV controller for this. However, they did say a patch is coming to enable Move controllers. They could’ve implemented teleport. We think there are instances in the game that teleporting would go against the gameplay. The sneaking sections where you have to avoid raptors would be completely pointless with teleporting for instance. Stil,l they should let you play with a DS4 for movement in the left hand and one move in the right.

Provided the game is patched for improvements on PS4 Pro, the differences are fairly noticeable, at least with Robinson and Battlezone. Frame rates can see an increase too. However, the game is rendered at a higher resolution and then downsampled which gives a smoother image, draw distance is increased as well as SSAO and general lighting. So, framerates should also be even more stable. Anyways let us know what you think of Robinson: The Journey for the PS4 Pro using PSVR, in the comments.


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