Intel’s forthcoming PC or desktop processors – the Kaby Lake’s roadmap had been leaked by one of the prominent source, Beach life. Many details regarding the chipset have been leaked in the roadmap such as the Kaby Lake-S, a desktop based processor, and the smaller variant has been scheduled for Q4 2016 launch. Along with the Lake-S, the 200 series chipset will also be launched which includes the latest 14nm architecture with increased efficiency and power.


As per the leaked roadmap, the Kaby Lake will be launched in Q4 2016. However, as per Intel, the chipsets should be launched in Q3 2016, but pushed back to Q4 because of some production issues. That said, the roadmap clearly suggested the two variants of the desktop chipset will be unveiled – the Kaby Lake-S 4+2 and the Kaby Lake-S 2+2. The Kaby Lake-S 4+2 will represent quad-core products whereas the latter one represents dual-core products with GT2 graphics onboard.

Another chipset series with name Kaby Lake 200 PCH have also shown in the roadmap. This chipset will also hit the market in Q4 2016. That being said and done, the Kaby Lake Desktop processors will straightly go against the AMD processors as both the chipset are boasted of a 14nm manufacturing process.

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