One minute you’re in the smoke pit having a morning cigarette, the next you’re taking indirect fire and you have to throw on your flak and kevlar and get to your fighting position. Rising Storm 2: Vietnam carries on the tradition of the anti-communist war efforts of USA in the brutal sequel. And the level of customization is insane.

rising storm 2 vietnam
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Rising Storm 2: Vietnam has insane customization

Now, the maps are big enough to facilitate helicopters, but will they also bring back armored vehicles in their true form? We’d like it the way the original Red Orchestras were with how you have multi-crew vehicles. Where you’re literally inside a tank, and you see everything inside it. It was such a rich gameplay aspect. RS2 has already went this far with choppers, and the environment. So, it would be a huge shame if they have armored vehicles where they didn’t pull out all the stops.

They might add tanks with the ARVN DLC. There wasn’t anything major with tanks when the US was present, but exactly 0.01 seconds after they left, the PAVN deployed tanks against South Vietnam. Tanks were used pretty extensively during the 1972 as well as 1975 offensive. The majority of tank battles took place during those.

We hope the game has this level of customization on weapons too. Both appearance and performance-wise. Car games let you change literally everything about a car’s performance and appearance, but most players barely know a thing about them. Give them a rifle, however, and they would be in seventh heaven.


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