Rise of The Tomb Raider Minimum Collateral Challenge completion requires you to complete Cold Darkness with no more than 25 kills. Right off the bat, you need to grab enough resources to make fire and explosive arrows. This is for getting into the Tower. Armor and weapons don’t matter much and we’re pretty sure everyone has a suitable build at this point to complete the challenge. We recommend the Raid Skin Master armor as it allows you to loot enemies right after you eliminate them. However, it isn’t much of an issue if you don’t have it.

rise of the tomb raider minimum collateral challenge
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Rise of The Tomb Raider Minimum Collateral Challenge Guide

We recommend you approach the Tower from the south. You can kill a few enemies along the way for some resources but make sure you don’t kill too many. Make sure to grab some supply boxes on your way as well. But don’t go out of your way looking for them, only go for those in your intended path. This will make you less dependent on killing enemies for resources. Remember, the challenge doesn’t require you to kill no one at all, only that you be economical with your kills. It’s recommended you kill the least number of people in the beginning, so you can save the remaining number of kills for the final portion.

The Towers have fuses placed at random locations. It’s a lot easier to see them while viewing through your Survival Lenses. Use your rope arrow on the levers and the crank on the pumps. As for the conduit, you need to jump on it to lower it. After all this, make your way to the next Tower. Use rope arrows as a form of traversal. At this point, if it’s possible for you to avoid the enemies then do so. Because the final Tower will have lots of them and it won’t be possible to simply avoid them.

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