It has been more than a year since Rick and Morty season two was aired. Since then, a lot of fans have been clamoring for more of that uniquely satirical animation series. However, during the last season finale, it was made clear that fans should wait for the next season in about a year and a half. That announcement was made last Oct. 4, 2015. And if we’re counting, that year and a half will be next month.

Rick And Morty Season 3

Unfortunately, like any type of production, the animated series has been wrought with delays. According to an interview with Indie Wire a few weeks ago, Dan Harmon, one of the show’s creators, said he does not know when the release is going to be. Furthermore, he also admitted that the production team was delayed due to reasons only Harmon can answer. He also added that he has no idea why season three is becoming more and more difficult to finish but he is very much aware that it could have been because of him and Justin Roiland.

Fast forward to today, it would seem that the crew is now back in the studio. Show screenwriter Mike Mcmahan actually posted a Twitter update showing what looked like a script for episode one. He also mentioned in the tweet that they are currently undergoing voiceover for the said episode.


Unfortunately, even though the production has been started about a month ago, there is still no news on the actual release date for the new Rick and Morty season opener. If the season two finale is to be believed, season three should start by next month. However, there are many ramblings in and around the web-o-sphere that the season premiere might happen sometime in June. Of course, it should be noted that this is nothing but a rumor. No one really knows when the season opener will be aired. For now, the only thing that can be done is to wait for the official announcement from the network itself.


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