Rick and Morty Season 3 is coming, and as a mark of celebration, Adult Swim will be adding them to multiple new video games. Among all the titles to receive this Rick and Morty love is Rocket League. In addition, other titles such as Gang Beasts, Move or Die, and Steam VR Home are also expected to receive their fair share of Rick and Morty.

What to expect in Rick and Morty Rocket League (Second Anniversary Update)

Rocket League second anniversary update Rick and Morty

Rocket League’s forthcoming second-anniversary update will hit the store shelves on July 5, allowing players to pick up a number of Rick and Morty customization items.

For example, there will be the Rick and Morty Antennas, wicked interdimensional portal Sanchez DC-137 Wheels and Cromulon, My Poopybutthole and Mr. Meeseeks toppers. Better still, all these customizations won’t cost users a penny extra, and on top of that, the Cromulon Topper can even drop as a painted item.

More titles to receive Rick and Morty cameos

Apart from Rocket League, a number of other titles are also going to see some exciting Rick and Morty cameos. For example, Steam VR will bring Mr. Meeseeks, while in Move or Die, you will have Bird Person and Mr. Meeseeks as playable characters. And yes, you will also be able to dress as Rick and Morty in Gang Beasts.

Rick and Morty Season 3
Photo Credit: Facebook/Rick and Morty

Note that all the aforementioned Rick and Morty additions are already available in all these titles except Rocket League, which will introduce the R&M cameos with the launch of the second-anniversary update on July 5.

As for the remaining episodes of Rick and Morty Season 3, the sitcom’s creator Dan Harmon has assured that it will be back on screen sometime Summer 2017, but he didn’t mention any date.


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