Rick and Morty season 3 ended back in October 2015 and since then, fans of the hit animated series have been eagerly waiting for the next season to arrive. The previous season was a rather amazing one as it was filled with surprises. This is the very reason why fans are currently craving for more. However, fans currently don’t know exactly when the next season of their favorite series will arrive. But various rumors and theories have kind of confirmed that it will arrive in 2017.

Rick and Morty season 3

While fans wait for the next season to arrive, many rumors and speculations regarding what the next season will feature surfaced, thus giving an increase to its hype. Recently, a new rumor surfaced claiming that Rick and Morty season 3 will focus on what the Earth will go through now that it is under the control of the Galactic Federation. Avid fans of the series know that in season 2, the Earth got under their control and it is now run under the galactic order.

Rick To Escape From Prison In Rick And Morty Season 3? 

As we all know, at the end of Rick and Morty season 2, Rick got captured by the Galactic Federation, and this turned the things around. Currently, many fans are believing that Rick will face a lifetime in prison, but it seems that this isn’t going to be the case. The co-creator of the show, Dan Harmon has kind of hinted that Rick spending his life in prison isn’t going to be the main theme of season 3. Instead of it, Rick will manage to escape from the prison with the help from his friends.

How The Control Of The Galactic Federation Affect Earth 

Along with this, some Rick and Morty experts claim that fans currently don’t know what it means for Earth to be under the control of the Galactic Federation. According to some rumors, various changes will occur under the control of the Galactic Federation, and one of them is that it will be easier to get employed. This suggests that their control will provide more opportunities to the Earthlings. However, one thing to keep in mind here is that the Earthlings will have to pay a heavy price for it, as the new rulers are going to keep them under surveillance.

Rick And Morty Season 3 Release Date 

Rick and Morty season 3 is currently expected to arrive sometime in 2017. Recently, the co-creator of the show, Justin Roiland joked about the next season being cancelled, and fans didn’t like it.

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