Horizon Zero Dawn is Guerrilla Game’s best game till date. It looks amazingly good on PS4 as an exclusive even it draws heavy inspiration from a number of other fantastic games.

Horizon Zero Dawn Release

The game’s finally out in the North America and the United Kingdom. If you are a true Tomb Raider and Far Cry series fan, do pick it up because it offers a similar and innovative experience with hours of pure entertainment.

Just like the blockbuster Dark Souls clone “Nioh”, Horizon Zero Dawn offers an amalgamation of both new and old mechanics with a truly innovative approach.

The game follows the standard Action-RPG formula and combines it with an intriguing story and adorable characters. As a whole, Horizon Zero Dawn is a complete package of new and innovative mechanics, gameplay, characters, and story.

As a PS4 Exclusive, Horizon Zero Dawn offers a variety full experience of Open World environments just like you enjoyed in the groundbreaking Skyrim, The Witcher 3, and GTA 5.

The freedom of Exploration, beautiful environmentalism, Open World, a game world divided into various parts, and amazing Side Quests outside of the main story, and the fascinating course of events, these are all the most prominent features of the game.

The Story

The story of the game is itself the most interesting element of Horizon Zero Dawn. As Aloy the game lets you explore the ruins of a powerful civilization, face some of the most powerful Robotic enemies, engage in Melee and Ranged combats while using the sophisticated weaponry and your skills.

With a variety in content, rich in details, and packed with the most advanced lineup of perks, Horizon Zero Dawn is one of the best PlayStation 4 Exclusives till date.

If you compare this remarkable game with the biggest names of Action-RPG and other genres such as Far Cry, Tomb Raider, Dark Souls, and Mass Effect, you’ll find it quite satisfying in terms of what it offers as the game’s content.

Aloy’s movements through the ever-changing environments, her hunting abilities using the Bow and Arrows, reaching out to places via the Zip-lines, collection and Crafting abilities, the ability to engage in brutal combats with the Robotic enemies, everything in the game is praiseworthy.

The Combat and Crafting

The Combat in Horizon Zero Dawn is quite satisfying as compared to a lot of other similar titles. Aloy faces two type of enemies in the game. Human Bandits and The mechanical beasts (Dinosaurs). For both of the enemy types, she uses different techniques, weapons, and skills to defeat them. This makes the combat a remarkably challenging yet amazing involving aspect of the game.

Aloy’s crafting abilities are what help players defeat the un-matching and overly powered enemies. From building traps to weapons, looting enemies off their body parts to hunting the wildlife, everything is best when you are good at crafting abilities in the game. Horizon Zero Dawn’s crafting system is similar to Far Cry’s to some extent and it feels easy because of this unique similarity.

The game also lets you spend a lot of time on modding your gear, crafting weapons and traps and stuff. This helps overcome the problems related to slow pacing mechanisms. By spending your spare time crafting the weapons and traps, you can actually move fast. For both of the times, while on the quest or engaged with the enemy in a combat.

Conversation System and Concept

Horizon Zero Dawn also offers an innovative Conversation system that closely resembles the one in Mass Effect series.

Game’s concept is quite intriguing. It portrays your character (Aloy) as an outcast in a totally rogue world filled with Robotic Dinosaur foes. It tasks you to complete various types of objectives while facing many challenges and unbelievable situations.

Just like any other masterpiece, Horizon Zero Dawn has some flaws as well. If you play it for a while, it feels like the game is pushing you out of the zone. This happens because of the lengthy conversations and speeches. The clunky platform aspect (no Smoothness) and a tighter path are some other flaws you might witness in the game. Otherwise, the game is the purest of entertaining titles you’ll ever see on PS4 as exclusives.

As compared to the game’s detailed approach to everything else and a remarkably enjoying experience. These flaws look so tiny that they never actually seem to bother while playing the game. Horizon Zero Dawn is no doubt an exclusive every PS4 owner should enjoy. Hopefully, it’ll be a compensation for all the previous less inspiring titles on PS4.


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