It wouldn’t take much sooner than the breaks and spoilers began coming through for Resident Evil 7. One of these spoilers uncovered the difficulty levels for the game. Besides, as indicated by various sources, the difficulty levels are Casual, Normal and Madhouse.

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Resident Evil 7 Madhouse difficulty will make it the hardest game in the series

The Casual difficulty will offer recovering health, and additionally boundless chances to save and more continuous checkpoints for players. Likewise, AI will be much less demanding to manage. It will dole out far less harm and have very little intelligence. Ordinary difficulty then is somewhat of a stage up. It will give you less checkpoints, more unsafe AI yet at the same time offering unlimited save points.

At that point, there’s the Madhouse difficulty. Obviously, it’s change of direction that is so well documented for this next entry in the survival horror franchise. There have as of now been suppositions made this could be the most troublesome game in the series as such. All things considered, Capcom’s Hajime Horiuchi told Xbox Magazine in a meeting that Resident Evil 7 will be purposefully more difficult than prior games keeping in mind the end goal to bring back a greater part of dread. Regarding it, he stated, “The difficulty being a little higher than in previous titles is definitely intentional.”

So a little on the Madhouse difficulty now. What we know so far is that it will offer no checkpoints at all to players. Besides, it takes away the solace of recovering health. Truth be told, the main time occupants of the Baker living will get any reprieve is when discovering save tapes. This will serve a similar purpose as ink strips did right in earlier games of the series. At last, of course from the contrasts between the other two challenges, AI will be speedier, more intense and much more clever than it is in previous difficulty levels.

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