We always thought “Ethan Winters” from Resident Evil 7 might actually be “Ethan Winters Jr”. And his dad might be the one who was the Umbrella executive in Spencer’s notebook. That would explain his knowledge of chemistry. His dad teaching him a few things or he went to school to be a chemist like his dad etc. And his apparent lack of knowledge about the obvious fact that the Baker family are a bunch of walking talking B.O.W.’s.

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Is Ethan Winters an Umbrella Scientist in Resident Evil 7?

What if Wesker “killed” Ethan. But actually put Ethan on his pay-roll per se. And when Wesker died Ethan was off the hook? But honestly, a major part of us thinks that Ethan W / Ethan Winters is a recycled name of someone close to those on the RE Team. Or someone in Capcom.

Our idea is when they are coming up with character names, someone was like, hey there are a bunch of guys with last initials on this spencer thing. Let’s use the name and see if people try to connect the two. It sounds far fetched but we think game designers/creators have the time.

According to the data book, Wesker killed a scientist named Ethan W. And we assume that he is referring to this one. The problem now is at what time does Resident Evil 7 take place?

Could be this Ethan W from the notes. Don’t forget that in RE1 some employee named John wrote a letter to Ada. It was the note you found in the underground lab. In RE2, when Leon meets Ada, she tells him she’s there to find her husband John. Maybe Capcom decided to do this trick again.

Also, we would find it interesting if the hero we play in the game is in fact, a villain who’s getting his own medicine all long. That would be one of the best plot twists in gaming history.

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