Resident Evil 7 Biohazard propelled not long ago on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. It accompanies bolster for the PSVR too. Press and players alike have concurred that the game is fabulous in PSVR and perhaps the most ideal approach to encounter the terrors in the game. Presently, as per some early statistics through, we know exactly what number of players have played the game in VR.

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10% of Resident Evil 7 proprietors play the game utilizing PSVR

As per the page, 659,080 players over all platforms have joined the family meaning they have played the game. Out of those players, 63,270 of them have played it in PlayStation VR which is 9.6% of all players. That is a quite decent proportion up until now. Presently you need to consider that neither the aggregate player numbers or VR clients are completely precise. This is on the grounds that exclusively the individuals who have signed up on the site are incorporated into those checks. Still, it demonstrates that a lot of individuals are getting a kick out of the game by playing it in VR.

Subsequent to investing years longing for Resident Evil to come back to survival horror, Capcom has done as such in total style. The change to first person works wonders for the series. At long last, we have a game that feels totally crisp while in the meantime has such a large number of minutes that will lead series fans to think back of the old days.

Its steady changes of pace, extraordinary action, and veritable fear make Resident Evil 7 the most agreeable frightful game. Is it the best Resident Evil game? Actually no, not exactly, but rather it’s nearby to that.

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