Resident Evil 7 was a risk. This is because it moved away at the end of the day from the equation it was supposed to utilize. It was much the same as when Resident Evil 4 moved far from survival horror and transformed into the action game that went on for an additional 10 years. It sounds like the risk has paid off as the sales in numbers for Resident Evil 7 have as of now surpassed 2.5 million around the world. This likewise implies the establishment has hit an aggregate number of 75 million units worldwide since the arrival of the first Resident Evil in 1996.

resident evil 7 teaser video series

Resident Evil 7 has officially sold more than 2.5 million units around the world

Demo numbers were solid also. There were more than 7 million players downloading the demo crosswise over PS4, Xbox One and PC. Capcom ought to be content with every one of these numbers. Besides, they are suspecting a combined aggregate of 4 million units being dispatched by March 31st, 2017. With those solid beginning numbers, Capcom will effectively achieve the arranged 4 million in no time. In addition, they will in all probability surpass those numbers with the solid response to the game by pundits and additionally the prevalence of the title as well.

Resident Evil 7 can once in a while disappoint with over the top boss battles and disparaging riddles. In any case, it’s still an alarming and vicious impact of survival horror that paints a brilliant future for the establishment. Wicked, tense, and energizing all through, Resident Evil 7 is precisely what the series required. Loaded with fear and overflowing with tension, the series that began everything has at last ended up where it belonged.

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