The story is new, and something not to be ruined on the off chance that you are a long-term Resident Evil fan. In the event that you are not a fan, then you lose a large portion of the story. At that point, Resident Evil 7 just turns into an ordinary slasher story. Gameplay will be the most exhausting on the off chance that you play on simple, ordinary, or hard mode and learn you are an unbeatable tank. This is on the grounds that, on those difficulty levels, you can take mishandle nobody ought to have the capacity to take. This results in simply some fun puzzles. Then again you play on the hair-raising hard mode. This is the difficulty level at which you will learn the importance of playing carefully. Besides, biting the dust in VR on hard mode is somewhat practical as things blur to dark on a VR screen. This will inch you out significantly.

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Resident Evil 7 is a decent survival-horror game

The VHS tapes in Resident Evil 7 are epic. Try not to give anybody a chance to ruin any of them for you. Those VHS stories are scarier and have an impact on the story due to being off the primary story. We hope there will be more VHS-related DLC. Gameplay-wise, this is just average at best but has a lot of promise. The characters and riddles are what make this game extraordinary. In any case, when you make sense of that then you won’t try to replay the game. This is because it has crappy weapons, moderate main campaign, and feels more like hallway strolling simulator. Be that as it may, the first run through the game will be amazing.

Simply don’t anticipate that this game will be something you play through 20 times such as RE4 or RE1 Remake. This is on the grounds that the gameplay is excessively barebones. Unless you adore game-related lore and need to learn more about the world in the game. There is a ton to do in that regards. In any case, in the long run, you will simply end up googling it. So once all is found out, you won’t play it once more.

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