Resident Evil 7 is taking another bearing from past passages in the establishment. What’s more, the play time is affirmed by a few sources to be 15 hours. 15 hours is an impeccable number for time in this. That is just really an hour a day for a couple weeks. In any case, that is timed for the main campaign.

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Resident Evil 7 will take you 15 hours to finish

CAPCOM has indicated about numerous mysteries and secrets that players will need to set aside time to find. What’s more, there will most likely be tremendous discussions on NEOGAF and Reddit as players learn and find more things. For instance, the RE7 Demo still has a few things nobody has found yet as per CAPCOM. Additionally, observe that there is another Chapter and four DLC short stories in the Deluxe version.

Our figure is there will be 4 tapes with some remaining extra substance. Perhaps as you play them, they open things for the primary game or simply add to the lore. Then again perhaps this additional Chapter will be an Epilog maybe. On the other hand, it could unlock another Character/Area/and so on. We think along these lines they are building this Metroidvania First Person Survival Horror Texas Chainsaw Luigi’s Mansion-style game. What’s more, it will be an amazing horror game with replayability.

Everything drives us to by and by trust that Resident Evil 7 will be 92-94 on the Metacritic. It will be reverberated by fans and really reestablish some confidence in CAPCOM.

Source: MMO Examiner


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