The Capcom team did not remove important and spoiler filled game info from the demo PC file of Resident Evil 7. And now a huge leak has revealed tons of information from gameplay mechanics to characters, to huge storyline reveals.

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Resident Evil 7 PC demo was data mined

A Capcom employee (WBacon) told everyone on Steam forums last month that the PC demo would be revealed a bit later after the PS and Xbox versions. Because of extra time needed to remove extraneous files that may lead to leaks and spoilers via data mining. They knew the risks, yet they fail to delete these huge files revealing every single detail of the full game? We don’t think that’s plausible, but if the leaked info is true, that’s an enormous disaster for Capcom. Their employees who were tasked to remove the leaks and spoilers must be complete idiots.

It is very strange that this kind of information was able to be determined from a PC demo. A demo that contains content that apparently was specifically made for players to ‘get a feel for the game. And will not be in the actual game. But, if they pulled the data from a pre-load and or pre-savefile from Pre-Ordering the game then that seems more possible.

Data mine reveals signs of Albert Wesker. We hope they didn’t actually bring Albert Wesker back. We don’t know how they’d be able to undo a volcano-rocket combo death. Unless they resort to “actually, clones!”. We know RE6 had clones-lite. But if they’re really set on not repeating what they viewed as mistakes with that title, then maybe that’s something they should avoid in Resident Evil 7.


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