Capcom as of late affirmed in an official statement that Resident Evil 7 has delivered more than 3 million units worldwide as of February tenth, 2017. This is additionally up from the underlying 2.5 million units dispatched at launch. Capcom is focusing on 4 million units transported before the finish of March 2017 which is looking likely.

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Resident Evil 7 Has Now Shipped Over 3 Million Units Worldwide

Resident EVIL 7 is the most recent part of the popular survival horror series. The game expands upon the arrangement’s underlying foundations of dread, investigation and tense air. The full game is likewise accessible to play through the included discretionary PSVR Mode for the PS4 adaptation.

Resident EVIL 7 is additionally a Xbox Play Anywhere digital game. This permits play on both Xbox One and Windows 10 with shared saves, additional items, and accomplishments. Furthermore, the game uses the new restrictive RE ENGINE to push equipment resolutions as far as possible. Besides, the game’s framework experienced a sensational move from its past third-person camera to another first-person point of view with a specific end goal to give a mind-boggling, profoundly immersive ghastliness encounter.

By joining comprehensively perused advancements and refocusing on frightfulness, the title earned various high-scoring surveys from around the world and gathered consideration from fans who additionally profoundly commended the game. This lead it to surpass three million units on release. Capcom will keep on expanding interest and interest for the title by discharging extra downloadable substance. They will do this and in addition, hold in-store PSVR demos all through Japan with the point of further advancing sales.

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