Looking closely at Marguerite Baker’s theorized ability to control small creatures such as wasps, spiders and centipedes and connecting it to the real life fungus Ophiocordyceps unilateralis. The zombie ant fungus that takes over the minds of small insect-like creatures. If she is controlling them that way, then do Jack and Lucas Baker also have their own special powers?

resident evil 7 teaser video series

What about the other two members of the Baker Family?

On Lucas, it seems like regeneration could be a trait shared between all of them. Since we see Jack get back up after sustaining enough damage to be temporarily taken down. Lucas is definitely a tricky one since we haven’t seen any combat gameplay. One of the only things we can come up with is fire.

Jack could be weakened by fire (we will have to see what happens after what’s been shown in the garage scene). And fire could be Margaret’s major weakness as others have stated due to the swarms of insects. But perhaps Lucas could be immune. After some reading, we found out that some species of Fungi can survive in temperatures that would kill other Fungi. Lucas looks like a bit of a firebug. That’s all just a blind shot in the dark, though.

The fungus is a good idea on what might be giving the bakers unnatural power. Something interesting we did find out was that Fungi are capable of Horizontal Gene Transfer. Which means instead of the typical sexual or asexual reproduction of organisms to transfer genes (I.E. Vertical Gene Transfer) an organism can transfer its genetic material to something that is not it’s offspring. Which is why some bacteria can grow immunities to certain antibiotics so fast. Also if we understand it right this allows the transfer of genes between two species that are not even apart of the same species or kingdom.


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