OK, so I’m not going to lie here. Resident Evil 7 (heretofore referred to as simply “RE7” for the sake of simplicity) is definitely one of my most favorite games in a long time, and the entire Resident Evil franchise/series has been as well.

It is scary, creepy, frightening, at times terrifying the living daylights out of its many, many fans and players, and just simply an amazing game. If you haven’t had the chance to explore the panic-inducing yet grossly-absorbing world of RE7…you must do so!

But all personal opinions aside I think we can all agree that it is most certainly not a ‘kiddie’ game by any means. There is gore, violence, brutality, a general sense of malaise and scariness throughout the entire game.

However, the original ‘version’ of the game contained even more extreme brutality and violence to it, and case in point? The video talked about here! In this article that is…

If you would rather avoid the NSFW nature of this stuff then allow me to sum things up for you nicely and quickly:

  • The scene here occurs during the very first boss of the fight between the player and the character of Mia.
  • The player goes several ‘rounds’ with Mia, and eventually, Mia is able to sever the player’s left hand with a chainsaw.
  • The player, however, actually does end up ‘winning’ this fight with Mia in the end.

Now that about sums up the original version of this scene, however, in the unreleased and scrapped version of what really happened with Mia and Ethan (the player), Mia ends up severing the player’s entire lower torso!

Quite the difference there!

And, obviously, the next part would’ve necessitated that the player crawls (with their entrails and what not dragging behind them) to a ‘safe room’ of sorts.

RE7 director Koshi Nakanishi was quoted as saying that:

“…bisecting the hero entirely was deemed a little extreme”

A quaint, true, and slightly under-exaggerated way of describing such a scene.

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