We are so glad that Resident Evil 7 is going to be 20 hours long. And we don’t think that this will make the second half of the game less survival. Instead, you may have more ammo and weapons but more scary creatures to fight.

resident evil 7 teaser video series

Resident Evil 7 will be 20 hours long but will it be scary till the end?

The mechanics may still feel survival-like but think of a game like DayZ or Rust. After a while, you become a veteran, and the atmosphere starts to suffer, which is why we think the second half of the game will be in more intricate environments to enhance the atmosphere and keep it fresh, mechanically. However, bullets may be scarce and such. We all know that the Baker’s Mansion is not the only location in the game. There will be a forest or a swamp area, a second house that was shown in the lantern demo where Margurite said the house was off limits. And a large factory in which, we can assume, we will have secret labs. So, the new areas will keep refreshing our experience.

And as you get further into the game, it would be an interesting twist if it turns out the Bakers are just pawns for someone more powerful who’s actually pulling the strings. And maybe, since ammo will be limited, you have to find ways to make it last throughout the game. Maybe, for the entire game, all you find is one full clip’s worth of magnum ammo. Anyways, let us know how you plan to last for 20 hours in Resident Evil 7.


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