After reports from Biohazard France and Playstation Magazine have come out, we learned that there are 2 types of chem fluids in Resident Evil 7. Strong (red) and regular (yellow) and they can combine with things like herbs, supplements, and gunpowder to create items. These are like handgun bullets, grenade rounds, health items and more.

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How do items work in Resident Evil 7?

We wonder if the Chem Fluid will be easy to find in the game or if we’ll have to search a lot for it. We also wonder how crucial the Chem Fluids will be. If we miss some then we wonder if we’ll be screwed. Sounds like lots of items will be hard to find. Players had trouble finding a few items in the demo. But most are probably going to explore every corner in RE7.

Maybe when it comes to ammo crafting it might be like resident evil 3. Where you can upgrade the handgun and attain or make different sets of ammo such as fire ammo or explosive pistol ammo etc. There is standard and strong ammo in the game. And you can easily cycle between them by pressing triangle when aiming. The red chemical fluids might be used for crafting stronger bullets. And that the bird cages may have specific handgun parts that you’ll obviously need the coins for to unlock.

We wonder if the grenades will have environmental impact as well. We’d love to see stuff around the house blown apart. Also, we’re hoping that the fact that Ethan can craft, mix, and repair has something to do with his character. Like how Rebecca can mix chemicals and heal. Jill’s lockpicking skills. And Chris’s ability to punch boulders.

Source: Biohazard France


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