Resident Evil 7 is a brisk game to speedrun. Powerpyx did a speedrun of the game. His time was 2 hours 30 minutes 50 seconds. The “Simply Get Me Outta Here” trophy obliges you to beat the game in 4 hours or less. Besides, he clarifies this was his first time and that the game can without much of a stretch be beaten in an even less time.

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Resident Evil 7 first ever speedrun took 2.5 hours to finish

Powerpyx clarifies that Resident Evil 7 is not a troublesome game to speedrun. You simply need to recognize what to do and where to go. Subsequent to doing 1-2 playthroughs you ought to have the capacity to beat the 4-hour check effectively. He additionally offers some good tips for future speedrunners.

Play on easy difficulty. In particular, restarting checkpoints (hitting “retry” after death) adds to your time. It won’t reset time on checkpoint restart. A workaround is to make manual save games at tape recorders. In the event that something turns out badly quit out to the main menu (stop game, hit “end”). At that point, click “load game” and pick a manual save.

You have all the time to beat the game. Powerpyx says he had 1.5 hours left and this was his first endeavor. Keep running past all foes. Try not to invest an excessive amount of energy plundering things. Just get the stuff you truly require. On the off chance that you stall out for quite a while recall to reload a manual save from the main menu. After the primary playthrough, you open an all the more capable gun. Lift it up from the item box. The more playthroughs you’ve done the more exceptional things you will get.

Source: Powerpyx


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