We might finally get an answer to that dummy finger. Capcom’s Resident Evil 7 demo update went live recently. The new update adds new areas to explore. It will be available to all PlayStation 4 owners and not just Plus owners. The update includes new areas and items. It’s also now called “Beginning Hour Codenamed The Twilight Version”. There are some subtle but significant changes.

resident evil 7 demo update
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Resident Evil 7 Demo Update adds a new picture

In the starting room, the picture by the fireplace has now been replaced with a family portrait of the Bakers. There’s Jack, Margaret, and their children.

resident evil 7 demo update
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Infested door

Outside and to the right of the starting room is a locked door. It is now infested with an unknown fungus. The fungus is a green looking mold that looks absolutely disgusting. If you wait outside the door for a few seconds you hear whispering sounds. And if you wait for a few more seconds after that the door starts shaking violently for a while and then stops. Nothing happens after that.

resident evil 7 demo update
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The attic

When you’re going up the stairs to the attic, you hear a lot of noise. It’s as if someone went through a wooden wall or dropped planks or something. This is followed by dust falling from the ceiling which is what happens when someone is moving on the floor above you. If you continue to proceed to the attic, you’ll notice a wall has collapsed revealing a totally new area.

The basement key

In the new room we mentioned previously, you will find a lot of new items. One of these is the basement key. At the moment, no one knows what it is use for. There is some handgun ammo inside some barrels. Break them open to obtain them. There’s no gun so at best you can just look at the handgun ammo model when you open your inventory. Hidden behind a bunch of broken televisions, is a celluloid hand. This is the other piece of the dummy finger. There is still no use of the object even after you combine it with the finger but later updates could further add something to this.

resident evil 7 demo update
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Writing in blood

In the same room, where you find the basement key and the other part of the dummy finger, is sinister writing on the wall in blood. “Five guests murdered, but where is unknown. Nothing to point to their final gravestones.”

New message on the phone

When you pick up the phone it says

Lady: Did you find what you were looking for?

You: Who’s this? And what the fuck is going on?

Lady [laughing]: What do you mean? Everything seems fine to me. Just remember. All doors can be opened. If they couldn’t, they wouldn’t be doors.

You: What?

Lady: But some doors must remain closed – for now.

New end card

The new card reads “The end of the path is near. Join the Resident Evil Ambassador program. #re7”

Let us know what you think of the Resident Evil 7 demo update so far.


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