A short teaser, titled Resident Evil 7 Demo: Beginning Hour was released 13 June 2016 for the PlayStation Network to users with PlayStation Plus memberships. And it is rumored to release on other platforms at a later date. The demo recently got updated and here’s what it now contains.

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Resident Evil 7 Demo: Beginning Hour got updated with two new endings and more secrets

The Resident Evil 7 Demo: Beginning Hour has been updated for the final time and now contains two new endings. Also, it’s now fully VR compatible. Once you get the notebook, go upstairs and check the writing on the wall. You will hear a little girl laughing. Then inspect the notebook and there will be something about Grace and a clock.

On the right from the window you escape through, there is bloody text on the wall. And we think it triggers something to appear in your notebook. To unlock the “last laugh” achievement, you must trigger all the girl laughs with all the 5 notes from the dead. Go into the video and pick up the lock pick. Finish the VHS and look at doll laying on the ground in the Basement. Then go to the attic to get the moldy pelican coin. After finishing the demo, the coin will reward you a purchase for the actual game item.

Little side note: If you head down a second time with the gun to finish of the Moulded, you will end up infected no matter if you were hit or not.


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