Everybody remembers Resident Evil 4 from back in 2005 when it jump started the over-the-shoulder third person experience. This standard controls and camera became a benchmark for all other third person games to come afterwards. Although many complained the game departed from its survival horror roots to a more action approach. Nonetheless, it is an important milestone in the resident evil series and it’s good to see it making a comeback for next gen consoles.

resident evil 4

The official BioHazard Youtube channel released footage for the upcoming HD remake of Resident Evil 4 and the game looks stunning in 1080p 60 fps. The frame rate is smooth 60 fps and the textures look amazing in 1080p, much better than the HD remake they did later for PC and consoles. The text is much more visible and character models look sharp as ever. This is easily the best version of Resident Evil 4 to hit the markets.

Gameplay shows the portion of the game from the beginning when Leon encounters the infected villagers in the Town Square for the first time. It then goes to inside the castle where he has to go around fighting cultists while protecting the President’s daughter. A comparison video clearly shows the mountain of difference between this version and the one for PS3/ Xbox 360/ PC in terms of visuals.

The game is set to releases on August 30 and will be priced at $19.99 (via official Capcom blog). The game will have all bonus content from the original 2005 game, as well as features that were added in later versions. This includes the New Game plus option, Mercenaries mode, and Ada Wong’s side story. For more news regarding the HD remake of Resident Evil 4 tune in to MobiPicker.


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