Capcom has announced that it is bringing 3 mainline Resident Evil games, Resident Evil 4, 5 and 6, to current-gen consoles. All three games will available at quite a discounted price, and the three will see spaced releases over the year.


According to Softpedia, all three games will be available at a mere $19.99 (or €19.99) and will begin deployment on March 29 this year, with Resident Evil 6. The series will then work its way backwards, with Resident Evil 5 coming out at some point in Summer, and Resident Evil 4, the ol’ classic, coming out in Fall this year.

All 3 titles will be available on digital stores for both consoles, and there will also be a physical release, but only limited to North America.

There is no word on whether any of the three games will have improved gameplay or graphics, but more information has been promised closer to the games’ release dates.

Meanwhile, Capcom is also working on a remake of Resident Evil 2, which should be out soon, but no details were divulged by the company just yet. There is speculation that with these ports and remakes, Capcom is building up a fresh new community around the franchise. Perhaps after this master plan is executed, we’ll hear of a Resident Evil 7?


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