Reliance Jio hasn’t been even commercially rolled out yet and it has already become a sensation. Well, why it shouldn’t be, considering its offering of 90 days unlimited 4G internet, VoLTE calls, and SMSes. Everyone has been trying through one way or another to get the Reliance Jio Preview offer but the success ratio is still pretty low. You can avail the preview offer through various ways like purchasing a Lyf smartphone or a high-end Samsung smartphone. However, if you don’t wish to purchase a smartphone and still want to avail the Jio Preview offer, here’s one way to do it. But even for this, you must need to own an HP laptop or desktop.

Reliance is offering its JioFi for HP laptop and desktop users with the 3-months preview offer at just a cost of Rs. 2,899. JioFi is a VoLTE supported 4G MiFi router powered by Lyf. It is a portable device which creates 4G WiFi hotspot through which you can connect up to as many as 31 devices. The device takes up to 3 hours to be charged completely and can then run up to 6 hours. JioFi 4G MiFi router comes along with a Reliance Jio SIM and the same preview offer of 90 days offering unlimited 4G internet, VoLTE calls, and SMSes.

reliance jio

The JioFi 4G MiFi router is currently available only for the HP desktop and laptop users. The Jio Preview registration page for HP is currently unavailable but here’s how you can get your own JioFi router.

The new users who are going to purchase an HP laptop or desktop needn’t worry as they will get a referral code for purchasing the JioFi in the form of an SMS or e-mail. This referral code has an expiry date, so be cautious of that.

The old users who have purchased their HP laptops and desktops from authorized HP Partners also need not worry as they can also avail this offer. All you have to do is to mail the HP support team at ‘[email protected]’ requesting them for your unique referral code. HP will ask you to send your invoice copy and device serial number. If you are found eligible, then you’ll soon receive your unique referral code.

Once you’ve got this referral code, all you need to do is to carry it to a nearby Reliance Digital or Reliance Digital Xpress Mini Store along with your passport-sized photograph and a valid ID proof. You just need to pay Rs.2,899 and you’ll have your own JioFi 4G MiFi router and a Reliance Jio SIM with the preview offer of unlimited 4G internet for 90 days and instant activation.

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