Reliance Jio has been on a rampage ever since its inception in the telecom industry. The telecom company has registered record subscribers in no time. “Everything for Free” mantra has worked wonders, and Jio plans to extend the offer until June 2017.

Reliance Jio

Initially, download speed was throttled after 4 GB data for a day. But, with the introduction of Happy New Offer, the same was reduced to 1 GB for a day. Still, everything was free, but at a lower speed, and this made some users unhappy, who are now looking for ways to increase daily download limit on their Jio SIM. Of course, there is no other way to increase it unless Reliance Jio announces it officially. But, there are scammers all over the internet who claims you to make rich with their 10GB daily data upgrade offer.

Some malicious users and cybercriminals are looking to take advantage of this low point by creating a hoax where Jio users can upgrade their SIM to get 10 GB daily download limit by following some simple steps. In case, you too have encountered such offer, beware, it’s totally fake.

As reported by BGR, an online scam is doing rounds over the internet with the 10GB 4G limit offer for Jio users. Many users are falling for this offer and providing their valuable personal information without knowing the truth. Since the scammers already know that many people over the internet are searching for ‘how to incrase daily download limit on Reliance Jio’, they got an easy chance to lure the innocent users.

Fake Website and Fake offer

The website URL to avail the offer is Anyone with basic knowledge of how internet scam works can understand its fake. On the landing page, there are three options, first one to select your state, second for your mobile number and finally the third one for your email address. In fact, if you read the T&C page, you will find this: “Go4G is not affiliated with Reliance or Jio in any way.”

It doesn’t end there. Once you provide all your personal information, the scamming website asks you to share the URL with your friends and relatives. Hence, making you a part of its spamming business.

Go4G is a fake website and isn’t the only one luring users with faux offers. If you are interested in learning the real deals and offers, we suggest you visit official websites only. All offers are first listed on official portals only.

Don’t fall for such offers and educate your near ones about the same.


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