In the most recent video of DeadLock, MatPat was joined by Reggie for a verbal confrontation regarding Nintendo’s future in the video game industry. This is surely a theme on the brains of numerous gamers. This is on account of the Wii U attempting to have an effect on the industry but failing miserably. It’s intriguing that Reggie would concur with the episode. He likewise called attention to large portions of Nintendo’s greatest issues in the course of recent years. So will there be another console after the Nintendo Switch?

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Reggie contends whether there will be another console after the Nintendo Switch

Nintendo is NOT draining a dime and Reggie demonstrates it in the podcast. They are profiting and their stock cost is higher than it was when the Wii U appeared. So IF this was to happen it wouldn’t be on the grounds that they required cash or were constrained as a result of cash. In any case, we say this to the more youthful gamers who underestimate take everything for granted, you should be more appreciative. Nintendo is a symbol in view of what they have done. They always create NEW equipment, especially controllers in each era.

Notwithstanding power or specs. They have always developed unique stuff. Furthermore, they are as yet advancing well with the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo should make their own equipment since they are truly fine game designers. They are damn fine right up ’til today and if the games were awful, we would inquire as to why make equipment in the first place?

The games motivate us to purchase the equipment. Also, the equipment is constantly noteworthy and well worked alongside these damn fine games. Nintendo will be Nintendo when they are doing things their way.

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