Apple has been making news for refusing the court order to hack the iPhone of the San Bernardino attacker. The court had ordered Apple to install a custom software into the phone that would allow unlimited passcode entries. Apple, however, felt that this would create a backdoor in the OS. They strongly felt that such an issue would bring about a major security threat if it falls into the wrong hands. Many people have pledged support for Apple while many have expressed their anger over the situation too. Some people feel that Apple should co-operate with the FBI so that more information regarding the attacker can be revealed.


But the government of France has adopted stricter policies against such a refusal. This is with regard to the recent terrorist attacks that rocked the nation. French Socialist MP Yann Galut said that powerful companies like Google and the others use personal data for their own use but can’t expose them for helping the nation. For tackling such situations, they’ve decided to fine the companies €1 million, for each phone that they refuse to hack.

The French Government’s decision does not come as a surprise as the eight phones that were involved in the terrorist attacks were not unlocked by the manufacturers. The manufacturers of these phones have not yet been revealed, but it is alleged that it is Apple and Samsung. Both the companies refused the request citing privacy laws. French Government believes that imposing such a huge fine will force the companies to hack into the phones.


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