Xiaomi has officially announced its Redmi Note 4 and the budget crowd is going to absolutely drool over this one and we’ll tell you why exactly. It costs less than $200, but we’ll get to the pricing details in a bit; what you need to know is that the 5.5-inch smartphone features a 1080p display, which is a fair decision, to keep the costs low while maintaining display quality.

Xiaomi said that the display will dynamically change according to the surrounding lighting and the phone also carries a reading feature that will reduce eye strain when you’re reading any form of news and large pieces of content on your smartphone. Since OLED displays are quite expensive, it’s possible that Redmi Note 4 possesses an IPS panel.

There’s a Helio X20 (MediaTek MT6797) running inside Redmi Note 4, which features the following processor:

  • 2 x Cortex-A72 @ 2.1GHz – 2.3GHz
  • 4 x Cortex-A53 @ 1.85GHz
  • 4 x Cortex-A53 @ 1.4GHz

Redmi Note 4 (16)

The total RAM amount hasn’t been detailed by the company. However, there are going to be a total of two internal storage models releasing soon. One is going to be the 16GB version and the second one is going to be the 64GB version. Both models are going to carry a price tag of less than $200, but that’s only going to remain limited to China, unfortunately. Once the units are all ready to be shipped to different countries, due to exchange rates and a whole list of reasons, the price tag of Redmi Note 4 will increase by itself, but not to the point where it will fall out of the affordability range.

There’s a 13MP rear camera present and directly beneath it, you can find a fingerprint sensor. The sad thing about the smartphone is that it does not possess a dual camera configuration, but that was probably done in order to keep the price tag to a minimum. One great thing about the smartphone is that despite its affordability, it still comes with a 4,100mAh battery life, which is the same capacity found in several phones the company has announced. The 16GB model is going to cost $135, while the 64GB internal storage version is going to retail for $180 (these prices are limited to China).

If you want to increase your total storage value, then there’s a hybrid SIM card tray present, with a small space to increase the total storage to 128GB via microSD card. For its price tag, Redmi Note 4 is definitely going to become a popular Android smartphone in the coming months.

You can also check out the official images of Xiaomi Redmi Note 4.