Reddit is the one-stop information portal on the internet, and most of the content available on the web flows through the Reddit website. This large database is divided into various communities based on topics like technology, internet, Android, cars, bikes, psychology, and anything you can think of. Millions of people use Reddit, which is why you will find lots of Reddit apps for Android in the Play Store. Many of those apps come with great design and functionality, but no app can beat the official Reddit app, which has been made official today.

reddit app for android apk download

Reddit official Android app had leaked out a couple of months ago and has been released finally for the public. The app lets you browse Reddit and search for subreddits. You can subscribe to your favorite subreddit and post threads. You can comment on other threads and post images, links, stories, etc. You can customize the Reddit app with various themes, and you also get an Inbox section where you see messages sent to you, replies on your posts and comments, and your username mentions.

What’s more exciting about the Reddit app is that early users who download Reddit for Android and login during the launch week will be given three months of Reddit gold for free! Another thing to note is that Reddit has, for reasons unknown, restricted the app to certain locations, so other regions won’t show the Reddit app in the Play Store. Nevertheless, the Reddit APK has been released and anyone from anywhere can install it on their Android phone or tablet. You can download Reddit APK on devices running Android 4.0.3 or later, and it weighs 6.67 MB.

Download Reddit app for Android by going to APK Mirror website. Let us know in the comments below if you liked the app.


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