We hope Red Dead Redemption 2 does rock. We really do. But given Rockstar’s neglect of the quality & content of GTA 5 single player, offline so they could focus all their efforts onto low paying online mini activities & overpriced purchases in order to push shark cards on players, we have a bad feeling they’re going to ruin Red Dead Redemption 2. Just like they’ve ruined GTA 5.

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Red Dead Redemption 2 might fail if Rockstar don’t improve

Sadly, even if this is the case, it won’t matter to Rockstar or the majority of Red Dead fans. People (many self-confessed Red Dead Redemption fanatics) will still buy the sequel to play the single player campaign and see what it’s like. In doing so, Rockstar will see this the same way Activision saw the sales of COD:IW.

Activision was able to publicly call I.W. a financial success. Even though they knew people were only buying it for M.W. Remastered. But that didn’t matter & they’d never admit to it. Rockstar is the same with GTA 5 and its shark cards. It’s the only reason they’ve made so much money out of GTA 5 Online.

It’s the only reason they can call it a massive “financial success”. Because they’ve made it so hard to enjoy the game without joining online and then spending real money on shark cards. But they too don’t have to care about that & would never admit to it either. It’s completely true that when an amazingly popular & successful game franchise like GTA or Red Dead becomes mediocre, people will still buy and defend mediocrity. Precisely because it is such a beloved and trusted franchise.

Rockstar knows they will get plenty of naive Rockstar fanboys who are willing to defend these unethical business practices. Because, well, “It’s Rockstar! Rockstar would never let us down!” But seriously, we hope we’re wrong about them ruining Red Dead Redemption 2. Given their current track record, we’re just not going to hold our breath for this “epic tale” until we see it in front of us.

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