The time is long overdue for the sequel to one of last generation’s most highly-acclaimed titles: Red Dead Redemption. Rumours are strong that Rockstar Games has indeed been working on Read Dead Redemption 2, and if the stars align, we might just get our first look at it at this year’s E3. We even have some idea on what to expect from it.


According to My Gaming, a rather large map appeared on the Internet, depicting several bodies of water, as well as seemingly islands. It seems then, that there might be some kind of water transport, or even swimming in the game. Speculation points to the game being set as a prequel to the original game, seeing as railroads are far less developed in the map. The map also curiously includes New Bordeaux, a fictional version of New Orleans that will also be seen in Mafia 3, which is published by Rockstar Games’ sister publisher, 2K Games.

As for the game’s release date, while there is no official confirmation, the game is expected to release at some point later this year in 2016, or possibly at some point next year, in 2017 (if Rockstar really wants to take their time). When do you think will Red Dead Redemption 2 come out? Let us know in the comments below.


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