We were kind of disappointed that after Red Dead Redemption we got no real good new westerns. So, what better way than to revisit it in a remastered version. Surely Rockstar might throw that into the mix along with Red Dead Redemption 2?

red dead redemption 2

Could Rockstar announce Red Dead Redemption Remastered after Red Dead Redemption 2?

GTA V has currently sold around 70 million, where as RDR sold around 10 million. We’re not saying sales indicate a better game, and we recognize no PC release for RDR. However, we’re pointing out that it is likely a difficult choice when deciding what new game to make (Or easy choice depending on what way you look at it). Do you make something different like RDR, or do you go with a guaranteed 50 million in unit sales?

Not to mention we believe RDR took a lot of creativity from all staff involved than your standard shooter. And perhaps many developers don’t have the time, or staff to undertake something like that. We’d like more RDR as well, but it’s worth pointing out it’s likely not an easy move for developers. Even if it’s pretty good it might not sell well.

10 million units is GREAT in terms of sales for any game, especially a game that had no established brand/ip like GTA has. We know there was Red Dead Revolver but it wasn’t rockstar built from the ground up and didn’t have their weight behind it like Redemption. On top of that GTA V has seen a “remastered” version, shipped on last and current gen, whereas RDR has only seen last gen release with no remaster or current gen release outside of the Xbox.

When you have a game like RDR that sells 10+ million units, a lot of other publishers will make similar games because it sold so well. That is what we were hoping would happen after RDR, that it’d usher in some good new wild west themed video games from other studios. But we really didn’t get anything. so far. However, that doesn’t mean it’s the end and knowing Rockstar they might surprise us once again with a Red Ded Redemption Remastered announcement next year along with the usual release of Red Dead Redemption 2.


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