Red Dead Redemption 2 is set for a release in 2017. However, for some PS4 users, the game could be delayed. This could lead to a delay more than the year 2017.

The game is scheduled to release in the year 2017 for Xbox One and PS4. But as for now, the game is totally unavailable for the PS4 on Amazon which is the largest games retailer in the world.

Based on these new findings, some of the fans have contacted Amazon to check if it’s a mistake. But, they haven’t got any replies. According to the Red Dead Redemption 2 official website, Amazon’s official response states that all the copies of the game are currently sold out and that is why the game’s not available on PlayStation 4 currently.

This all seems little astounding as the game doesn’t have a confirmed release date yet. However, all the Xbox One fans can still pre-order the game.

In general, there is no official announcement on when the game will be fully launched in 2017. However, according to a UK-based retailer, the RDR2 is going to fully release on September 26th, 2017. The retailer further states that the game will be available at $49.14.

Apparently, this isn’t an official announcement either; however, it’s the third major UK retailers which is revealing the release date and price tag.

According to the official Red Dead Redemption 2 website,

“This particular date has two positives going for it.

(1) it’s the last Tuesday of September (Tuesdays being the day of the week on which video games are generally released, at least in the US);

(2) it matches the “Fall 2017” time frame that we have been officially told the game will be released during. So far so good.”

Another noticeable thing that was missing on the official game reveal was the information about the rumored PC release for RDR2.

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Hopefully, more information on the game’s release and the PC port will come out soon. That’s when the info on official full release will also be announced along with the PS4 and Xbox One port release dates as well.