It’s officially confirmed by Rockstar. Red Dead Redemption 2 Official Release Date has been announced for fall 2017. The leaked map we saw previously showed the game will take place in New Bordeaux which is, ironically, the same place where Mafia 3 takes place. However, we have it confirmed that there won’t be any crossover between the two games. Basically, just putting the leaked RDR 2 map and Mafia 3 map side by side shows they are nothing alike. So, the question stands, where is exactly is RDR 2 taking place?

red dead redemption 2 official release date
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Red Dead Redemption 2 Official Release Date Revealed – Here’s all the details so far

The leaked map turned out to be a placeholder because 2K Games owns both Rockstar and the developer of Mafia 3. And Rockstar probably didn’t expect the map to get leaked. The map was also leaked to NeoGAF almost a year ago. So, this information isn’t even up-to-date and there might’ve been immense changes since then.

However, the map can’t be completely disregarded. Many locations on it hint towards the inclusion of Native American conflicts. So, why did Rockstar choose to go east with the next RDR title? Why not West or Mid-West? Or California, Arizona or maybe even Oklahoma? It appears Rockstar might be bringing in a lot of different terrain together. So, it’ll all be fun to explore.

If anything we know the next RDR will make our wildlife experience a lot different compared to the original. There are endless possibilities. However, only time will tell when Rockstar finally gives a teaser or reveals additional info.

Let us know your thoughts about the new Red Dead Redemption 2 Official Release Date. Stay tuned to MobiPicker for more news and updates about RDR 2. Do you think the leaked map is the actual map for RDR 2? Let us know in the comments. We’ll keep you updated with more RDR 2 news as we get it.


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