It would be cool to customize your own handgun in Red Dead Redemption 2. Maybe put an engraving on it. Changing the steel to black steel or gold and changing the cylinder from holding 6 bullets to 9 bullets. Changing the grip to have a pearl handle or a wooden handle to have notches. Or a steel handle with an engraving of a woman. Or maybe to have a cross on it if you wanted to be one of those religious outlaws.

red dead redemption 2
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Red Dead Redemption 2 multiplayer ideas

Maybe a handle with a chain at the end of it which upgrades its fire rate, its reload speed and damage by changing the barrel. And you can customize all this from the gunsmith the same place you can buy ammo and guns from in Red Dead Redemption 2. Also, you can customize your riffles too. Just like the Los Santos customs in GTA V. Go to a clothes store to buy different style hats, western trench coat, boots and bandanas and so on. The number of customization can be endless.

We also think it would be cool to come up with your own nickname. Like you can give your own online character their own name. But you can also give him or her their own nickname. And say when you kill NPCs or rob banks and trains like you can with a heist. the law will put up a wanted poster with your character’s face and nickname. It would say wanted dead or alive Jimmy ‘Two Guns’ McGee for 5,000 dollars.

And the more NPC’s you kill or heists you do the reward keeps going up. And if you get caught and turn over to the law and you’re worried about losing your money, then if you bought a safe house (like a bank in GTA V) all your money is saved. So no worries and the person who turns you in gets the reward for turning you in. We would have it to where when you get out of jail your wanted level is gone. And reward is reset to 0. This would give you the option to be an outlaw or a bounty hunter anytime you want. So that way you could make money either side of the law.

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