Red Dead Redemption 2 (PS4, Xbox One) has officially been announced. The trailer was brief, but awesome. What did we learn from it? Let’s talk. It looks to us like the game is taking place in or near Montana, that’ll explain the plains and mountains. Montana had a rich cowboy culture even today, so it makes sense, but then again who knows. It definitely seems to us to be a prequel, though. Maybe we play the guy who shoots John? That’ll sure be cool.

red dead redemption 2
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Speculations about Red Dead Redemption so far

The environment looks like New Mexico. There are some areas of desert, some of plains, some of mountains, and within those mountains lush forests grow. If they want a more diverse setting for the game, New Mexico would be a perfect fit.

It has to be a prequel. It doesn’t show a motorcar which was shown in Red dead redemption as that game takes place much recently and it also showed a huge part of the fall of the west. That plus the Buffalo in large numbers point to at least before red dead redemption, even if it’s not the same crew for some crazy reason. However, after some research we are able to come at different conclusions.

It looks as though Red Dead Redemption 2 is going to be set very close to the 1900’s or after due to the street lamps which were not invented until 1879. And we’re guessing it would have taken some time to reach out to what looks like a small town in the trailer. There is also the fact that the setting is rumored to be Louisiana which did not have an oil mine until 1908 (there is an oil mine in the trailer).

We just hope they don’t focus too much on the online like GTA V. They focused so much on the online that we never got story DLC for single player and the online is just a grindy pay to win chore. We would hate to see red dead redemption 2 go the same way.


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