Razer is all set to enter the smartphone market this year with a flagship-class Android device. A listing on GFXBench leaked a couple of days back to reveal the top of the line specifications the phone will come with. We’ll talk on that a bit later; the focus should be on the leaked image of the Razer Phone that shows off a design we have seen on Xperia phones.

Razer Phone

The image of the Razer Phone comes from Techbyte which reveals the phone from the back. We are yet to see the phone from the front. Nevertheless, the back of the phone also reveals a thing or two about the upcoming gaming beast. The very first thing you’d notice is the dual-camera setup along with an LED flash. Just like other phones with dual cameras, 2x optical zoom is expected from the duo.

Another thing that’d catch your eye is the design of the phone. The plain flat back and the boxy design remind us of the current gen Xperia smartphones. There is a prominent Razer logo on the back too. As we said earlier, there is no picture of the Razer Phone available from the front so we might have to wait a little longer until a new leak drops in.

Razer Phone

It is worth noting that the leaked specifications of the phone via GFXBench didn’t mention of the dual cameras that can be seen in the image. This could happen for a number of reasons but we hope to get more information about this later on.

Apart from this, the listing revealed the internals of the phone quite in depth. The screen on the phone would be of 2K resolution and it won’t of 18:9 variety like the today’s top crop. A Snapdragon 835 processor will power the phone along with a whopping 8GB of RAM. Not many phones at present sport that kind of RAM capacity but the number is expected to grow in the near future.

Razer Phone

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Razer has officially released a teaser image that shows a person using a smartphone, clearly indicating the launch of a smartphone. November 1 is the day when the Razer Phone is expected to go official. the company’s website also mentions about an event on the mentioned that will also be live streamed. Waiting for a fortnight for this phone should be worth it if the leaked specifications are anything to go by.