Razer DeathAdder has been a popular gaming mouse, but that is because of the impressive sensor that’s present inside it. Ever since the first DeathAdder came back in 2006, the gaming mouse has been mired with double-clicking issues that haven’t seem to be fixed, even after the release of the DeathAdder Chroma. Hopefully, with the release of the DeathAdder Elite, which features a new 5G optical sensor, the double-clicking issue will no longer exist.


According to Razer, it is the best DeathAdder in existence, and combined with the 5G optical sensor, the DPI rating can go up to 16,000, which is the highest for a gaming mouse belonging to this family. Here’s also a new addition made to the DeathAdder Elite. It features mechanical switches that increase the lifespan up to 50 million clicks, so hopefully, the double-clicking issue will no longer appear.

One feature taken from DeathAdder Chroma and ported to the DeathAdder Elite is the RGB lighting system, so you can customize colors of the gaming mouse at your will. The pre-order price of the gaming mouse is $69.99 and design-wise pretty much nothing has changed. You get 7 programmable buttons in total, as well as a better mouse wheel. The mouse wheel features rubber bumps on it in order to give the user better control when using it. With pre-orders of the gaming peripheral already underway, we hope that Razer has strict quality control measures in place. They obviously would not want customers fleeing to purchase another reliable product.

From the looks of it Logitech is one such manufacturer that does quite well in this department.