Not a week has passed since the launch of the Raspberry Pi 3, and it already has a handful of major competitors out there on the block. What ensures that the board is worth all of its affordable price is the extent to which it overcomes the problems of the Raspberry Pi 2. However, while there are a number of reasons why the chip excels, there is one major flaw, as it turns out – overheating. The device can be very power efficient but at the cost of generating copious amounts of heat.

Raspberry Pi 3

Fortunately, a third-party company known as LoveRPi has come up with a solution that will work out for you at around five dollars. They have come up with a heat-sink set that gets you two sinks that absorb heat, one from the local area network, and the other the processor chip.

The device can be bought on Amazon for you to do away with the overheating problem once and for all, and if the reviews are any indication, then it is pretty effective. The heat sink comes with two sided 3M thermal adhesive, has been designed to fit the Pi 2 snugly. The sink for the CPU is a cm tall while that for the LAN is only 5 mm tall.

We are still to see professional reviews of the effectiveness of the heat sink spring up, but we’ll keep you updated as and when that happens. In any case, it is undoubtedly a smart and innovative venture.


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