The Raspberry Pi 3 is a success, we’re not questioning that. At the low price of 35 dollars,  it is one of the coolest devices available in the market today. However, here are a few ways in which it could have been made better.

Raspberry Pi 3

More RAM

We know that the Raspberry Pi 3 has enough capacity to serve as a very basic PC that allows you to browse the web. In a circuit board that has a lot of individual modules, the “bottleneck” or the weakest component is what determines the overall performance of the CPU. In this case, that is its RAM. If the RAM were increased to 4 GB, the device would perform much, much better, although its price would increase to a certain extent.


USB 3.0

The Raspberry Pi 3 has out of date USB 2.0 ports. While even modern technological equipment such as Oculus Rift have 2.0 ports, the technology is essentially passe. Therefore, a 3.0 Port would be a better option.


Better GPU

The graphics core of the Raspberry Pi 3 is out of date as well, and is an ageing technology that needs to be replaced. If you want to play even basic games using the device, you need to have a better graphic card.



For those who are not aware, ZigBee is a network similar to Wifi that is best for transporting small amounts of data at very high speeds. The Raspberry Pi 3 could have zigbee compatibility that would allow it to take part in the upcoming Internet of Things technology.

  • WimsThePhoenix

    Not so much mobipicker as NITpicker. Critics like you don’t get it. Incremental advance with backward compatibility at NO EXTRA PRICE is the common factor. Doubtless when USB 3 stops being so flakey between competing manufacturers and gets good Linux support it will get there. E.g. I bought a USB 3 hub from one manufacturer that kept dropping connections with peripherals on my HP Windows 8.1 machine, but it works fine on my son’s Windows 7 homebrew – BUT he has to unplug it for a clean boot. Another USB 3 hub from a different manufacturer works just fine.

    USB 3 is still too new to be reliable, just like the early days of USB 2. That’s NOT what you want in a school room in Uganda, is it? The new on board wifi chip is problematic. Zigbee would just compound the problems. Get real. It’s so easy to carp, what if you had to pay 30 POUNDS GBP for the thing, that was INVENTED in the UK? that’s about $45 thanks to our extortionate EU-based sales tax, oxymoronically known as “Value Added Tax”, which helps to provide a very comfortable living for the parasites in Brussels.

    So every extra dollar of goodies you want would mean an extra $1.33 in the boards home town, and probably much more in the countries where it is supposed to make a difference.

    If you want to double the cost to get lots of extra goodies but so incompatible that the world wide community support starts to crumble, well, there are other boards for you. Banana pi and Pine 64 come to mind.