In recent times, the Action drama “The K2”  by Ji Chang Wook has gone up the charts. The actor had earlier announced that “K2” will be his last action sequel. Rumours are spreading that the actor might continue his Action Drama series, as the fans are backing him up with immense praise and attention for his action scenes. Ever since the “The K2” premiered on tvN, it has gained popularity both among the local and overseas viewers.


Ji Chang Wook addressed the fans in an interview after his fan meeting on October 15, during the success party of his action scenes in “The K2.” During the interview, Ji Chang Wook mentioned that he didn’t choose this production expecting praises. He found time to thank everyone for their praises during the event.

The 29-year-old actor will be seen in the role of a JSS bodyguard Kim Je Ha in “The K2”. He also assured the fans that all the latest model technology is applied in the production of “The K2”. The young actor also took the stand to share the good times they had during the shoot of “The K2” with his co-actors, especially Song Yoon Ah and Im Yoona, who play boss Choi Yoo Jin and Kim Je Ha’s love affair Go Anna, respectively.

During an interview aired on Arirang TV’s “Showbiz Korea” released on October 26, Ji Chang Wook revealed his most favourite scene in “The K2”; the most famous “Ramen Scene” aired in episode 5. The scene became his favourite and found it to be very interesting while reading the script, admits Ji Chang Wook. He said that this scene is his favourite in this drama series.

The Ramen scene became a huge hit and was lauded by people across the globe. “The K2” is aired every Friday and Saturday at 8 p.m on tvN and KST.


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